Foster Information

THEIR ONLY CRIME IS BEING HOMELESS yet every day, thousands of unwanted pets are needlessly put to death. Through our network of volunteer foster homes, we are able to save these pets and find them loving homes. The more foster homes we have, the more pets we can save - it's that simple - please Volunteer TODAY!

Would you like to become a part of Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue Team by opening your home and heart to FOSTER a homeless animal? We can only save all of the animals we do because of CARING PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Those that we do save would otherwise be KILLED IN GAS CHAMBERS... so every fosterer is truly SAVING LIVES! We provide food, toys, crates, bowls, and cover all medical expenses... all we ask is for you to provide LOTS of love and affection! It takes a mere 1-2 WEEKS OF YOUR TIME.... to provide a puppy with a chance for A LIFETIME OF LOVE!

Fostering can be a great learning opportunity for children to teach them about the responsibilities of pet ownership, and the love and affection it can bring, without having a long term commitment! Maybe you would like to foster a pregnant cat or dog to experience the birth process? Rest assured, if you choose to foster, we will do our best to find the right animal(s) for you and we will be there to support you every step of the way! Best of all if you are looking to adopt someday, fostering can really give you a chance to get to know a few different animals before actually deciding! To find out more about fostering or to become a foster family and save lives please email us today!

Please come visit us or email us to learn about how we operate and what other volunteer opportunities we have. We sincerely hope you consider joining our team - we'd love to have you, and the animals are waiting!!!