Adopting through our rescue group is very simple... Please be advised we try our best to match the right animal with the appropriate forever family and we have certain rules and regulations we must abide by.

1. Click on link for our Online Adoption Application so we can learn about you and match the animal to your home and lifestyle. It only takes a few minutes, so do it now! (Note - even if you are interested in more than one pet, you only need to submit ONE application!)

2. Once approved, you will be notified, and you will be able to adopt.

3. Discuss medical conditions/adoption fees & Terms of Contract.

4. Sign Contract/Pay adoption donation (see below).

5. Take adopted pet home and provide a lifetime of love!

NOTE: If an animal has 'HOLD' Next to his/her name that animal is NO LONGER accepting applications at this current time and is expected to go home with the family who is lined up to meet him/her the following weekend. If for some reason the adoption does not go through then the animal will be re-posted on Sunday evening and will be available again the following weekend for adoption. Please do not put in an application requesting to adopt an animal with HOLD next to its name, or it will be deleted.

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